Folio Collaborative

At Folio, we think teachers are the best people in schools to help leaders drive change. When teachers grow professionally, kids thrive, and schools flourish. Our tailored in-person and virtual trainings introduce member schools to new ideas, frameworks, and data they can use to elevate growth. Our technology platform helps make sure that professional growth is both visible to leaders and validated by peers. It particularly emphasizes space for conversation, feedback and self-reflection. Throughout the product we leverage research from behavioral science to support a repeatable, continuously improving practice.


The people working in boarding schools wear many, many hats. Folio’s platform supports professional growth, and conversations around professional growth, in all of the different ways a person serves a school.


Folio is a leadership collaborative for educators. We help our members drive change by making professional growth a strategic priority.
I have loved being a Folio Ambassador because it gives me the chance to reflect on the journey that we had in rebuilding our professional growth and feedback practices and to share the insight we gained with schools who are just starting that process. Because Folio was such an important and useful component of our program, it is nice to be able to speak authentically and enthusiastically about how much it's contributed to our school.
Sarah Wolf, Middle School Dean of Academics, Polytechnic School
Thank you for helping me understand the power of Folio to go beyond evaluation. I love hearing about the different ways other schools used Folio to promote and encourage professional development as well as stated needs and goals of the institution. It is a very powerful tool.
Sharon Jones Phinney, Head of Lower School, Winsor School
Folio has proven an integral catalyst for two strands of our faculty learning and growth pursuits. First, it centers the learning agency where it needs to be: the individual faculty learner. Second, it has strengthened our natural inclination to want to collaborate and make meaning of our work with faculty colleagues, and so our sense of collective efficacy and understanding have transformed. The introduction of a flexible and intuitive option like Workspaces keeps professional pursuits, reflection, and learning out of the “inbox” and in an easily navigated central location.
Derek Krein, Dean of Professional & Programmatic Growth, Tabor Academy
Before Folio, each department had a different system and people could not consistently reflect back. They had to pull from multiple places to get information. We needed to unify the process to benefit people’s growth. When we saw that there were other schools doing the same work we were and sing that problem with Folio, we immediately said 'this is for us.'"
Josh Pretzer, Dean of Faculty Culver Academics, The Culver Academies

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