Fusion Education Group

Fusion Education Group (FEG) provides life-changing educational experiences to middle and high school students through its personalized approach to education at its schools Fusion Academy, Fusion Global Academy, Futures Academy, and Barnstable Academy, where all educators are equally committed to students realizing their academic potential and their emotional and social growth. Each school fosters meaningful relationships in their professional community, members of whom refer students to us when they need a more personalized school environment. FEG has more than 80 campuses across the United States, in 17 states and the District of Columbia. Fusion Global Academy’s 100% online school serves students in 18 countries.


For many, it’s our flexible scheduling options that help make sure life doesn’t get in the way of learning. For others, it’s our holistic approach to learning that centers around the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student. We deliver coursework and instruction that fits every student and every schedule because we believe personalized, online instruction is the best approach for every type of student.


Through positive mentoring relationships and a personalized education experience each student realizes their potential and flourishes – emotionally, socially, and academically.
My daughter suffered from school anxiety and school refusal. Since becoming a student at Fusion, not only is she excelling academically but she is excited to go to school every day - even when she is not feeling well! We get amazing, detailed reports about her classes every day that tell us not just about the enthusiasm about her academic participation level in each class. Fusion Academy is the right place for our daughter and I am so grateful that this unique learning environment is the path that we have chosen.
Stacey Stern, parent
Fusion Academy in Charlotte has been a dream come true for my son and is a perfect fit for him. I love his teachers who truly have taken an interest to get to know my son while providing a top-notch college-preparatory education. They probably know more about his favorite bands, tv shows, etc. than I do. We’ve had an absolutely positive experience from day 1. The campus is something to see! State of the art everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Fusion Academy is the most unique educational facility available in my city. A completely customized education that is specifically taught in a way for my child to be the most successful student he can be.
HL's mom, parent
The team in Hermosa was excellent and very patient, making the right choices for my son. He excelled in his studies at Fusion Hermosa, with the COVID situation and working with the teachers and management. Before Fusion, we were not on the college path, however, with Fusion, our applications to colleges are going out now!
Bobby Hahn, parent
Fusion is a good school for students with depression. My son struggled to handle a regular high school due to a depression problem. We were very fortunate to find Fusion Academy. The flexibility of the one-on-one education provided by Fusion Academy allowed him to finish his high school education and made up for most of his lost time. The school also offered a few unique courses which are particularly suitable for students with similar problems.
Thomas, father